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The International Spine Institute located in Baton Rouge, LA, offers patients least invasive spine surgery featuring stem cell therapy and endoscopic spine surgery. These procedures return patients to their lives quickly, with minimal pain and recovery as possible.   Marco A. Rodriguez, MD also specializes in artificial disc replacement and minimally invasive spine surgery, an excellent secondary treatment option for advanced degenerative and unstable spinal conditions.


Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez treats degenerative spinal conditions including herniated disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, low back, and neck pain.

Stem Cell Therapy

Innovative NEW Treatment for Low Back Pain

Regenerative stem cell therapy is an innovative healing option using the body’s own stem cells to treat low back pain. Stem cells are an excellent alternative to minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery.


Advantages Of Least Invasive Spine Surgery

Least Invasive Spine Surgery is often more effective than minimally invasive spine surgery because of a smaller incision and quicker recovery.  Our least invasive spine surgery options tailor treatment to our patients that have the fastest recovery time, return to work, play, and a pain-free lifestyle.  Least invasive spine surgery is an emerging philosophy that bridges the gap between pain management and spinal surgery.  International Spine Institute does offer minimally invasive surgery when appropriate, but most patients prefer our least invasive options first.


• Less Than ½ Inch Incision
• Spine Fusion Alternatives
• Outpatient Procedures
• High Success Rate
• Long-Term Pain Relief
• Improved Quality of Life

Relief and Recovery

Least invasive spine surgery is an excellent alternative to spinal fusion and should be exhausted before ever considering MIS surgery.  Results of least invasive surgery have significantly decreased the patient’s return to work (as early as 2 weeks) and recovery time compared to MIS surgery.   Endoscopic spine surgery has similar outcomes to MIS surgery in providing pain relief of symptoms.

Returning the patient to their active lifestyle sooner than minimally invasive spine surgery


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Trained with him in residency. Great bedside manners, very knowledgeable, and excellent technical skills. Would refer my family to him.… read more

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"Highly Recommend"

So very nice and courteous. He didn’t recommend surgery to my mother at first but after different treatments, he said she would benefit from doing… read more

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