About International Spine Institute

International Spine Institute is a concierge medical tourism style practice, focused on patient-first care. We specialize in least invasive spine procedures, as alternatives to spinal fusion.  These least invasive procedures have been proven to alleviate painful conditions of the spine and return patients to work and play sooner than traditional minimally invasive spine surgery. Our practice has evolved out of the need for more personalized spine care.  We often hear stories from patients that have to wait weeks to get an appointment and then once they arrive at the surgeon’s office, end up waiting several hours to be seen.

Early in Dr. Rodriguez’s career, he would see as many patients as possible to meet his patient’s needs.  While his patients were satisfied with the level of care he was offering them, he felt dissatisfied with the time he was giving them. Due to the changes in healthcare and the rise of managed care over the years, a spine surgeon is forced to see too many patients, spending an average of only 5-10 minutes with them. For many people, this is unacceptable and leaves them feeling lost in a system that they have no control over.

Also, the minimally invasive spinal fusion rates have skyrocketed leaving patients with prolonged, painful recovery and out of work for 2-3 months. Patients often avoid surgery and choose to just deal with the pain instead, because they fear minimally invasive spinal surgery.  Most patients can’t take off, or be out of work for several weeks to months for the recovery process. With these factors in mind, Dr. Rodriguez knew he needed to find a better way to serve his patients and provide much needed relief for their neck, back, and leg pain, and International Spine Institute was founded.


Concierge Spine Care

At the International Spine Institute, we put our patients and finding a solution to their problems first.

We have all heard stories of patients having to wait several weeks to get an appointment with a spine surgeon, only to wait an unreasonable amount of time come the day of the appointment.   Once the spine surgeon enters the room, often patients are only given a minimal amount of time discussing their problem and hopes. Ultimately, they are left with many unanswered questions and a whirlwind of information that they must process.

At the International Spine Institute, everyone’s time is valuable, and we are committed to making sure all of your questions are answered before you walk out the door.

Our concierge spine care program allows for a minimum of a 30-minute initial consultation. This will allow Dr. Rodriguez to review your medical records, imaging, and develop a treatment plan. Dr. Rodriguez understands that his patients are in pain and he is committed to listening and addressing any concerns you may have with his plan. Once his treatment plan is developed, our staff is here to accommodate your every need.

We are here to make this process seamless for you. We will schedule all appointments for you, verify and explain your insurance benefits to you, provide transparent pricing for your visits and surgery if warranted. We will also handle all travel arrangements and accommodations.  We are here to make sure that your experience with International Spine Institute is pleasant and memorable.


Leaders In Less Invasive Spine Procedures And Surgery

International Spine Institute’s motto is “Less Is So Much More.”

Dr. Rodriguez’s goal is to provide a non-fusion option that gives people their lives back quickly and with as little pain and recovery as possible. Our least invasive procedures, such as endoscopic rhizotomy, and endoscopic discectomy surgery provide effective long-term relief from low back and leg pain without the lengthy recovery of spinal fusion.

Least invasive procedures utilize conscious sedation or local anesthetic in an outpatient setting.  Endoscopic spine procedures are performed through a ½ inch incision, with minimal pain and discomfort.  Patient satisfaction is very high, and they often return to work and an active lifestyle as early as two weeks.


Dr. Rodriguez performing surgery.

Bridging the gap between failed pain management and spinal surgery.

According to Dr. Rodriguez, there are too many spinal fusions done with poor outcomes, prolonged recovery and significant lost days of work.

Often we will see patients that have sought out pain management physicians and while they did receive relief, it was only temporary. Pain management is relevant and helpful to pinpoint the pain generators in your spine. Some of the pain management spinal injections and interventional procedures provide temporary relief for most patients. However, for many patients, they don’t provide long-lasting relief. Often when patients fail pain management, they are referred to spinal surgeons, resulting in invasive spinal decompression or worst-case scenario, a spinal fusion.

Dr. Rodriguez has bridged the gap between failed pain management and spinal surgery with least invasive procedures.  These procedures have dramatically decreased the number of spinal fusions in Dr. Rodriguez’s practice. He finds that most patients would rather have a least invasive procedure, than a spinal fusion or return to pain management every six to eight months for another injection or procedure.  His patient’s results have been astounding.


Board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon, Marco A. Rodriguez, MD, treats a variety of degenerative spinal conditions including herniated disc, sciatica, low back pain, spinal stenosis, neck pain, spondylolisthesis, and failed back surgery.