Am I a Candidate For Least Invasive Spine Surgery?

Have you experienced any of the following?



You have been diagnosed

With sciatica, bulging disc, herniated disc, low back pain, facet joint disease?

Dr. Rodriguez is a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon who has treated these spine surgery conditions routinely for over nine years. Least invasive procedures are the main reasons why patients come to him for relief. Patients are more satisfied with their outcomes, and they go back to work and play sooner.


You are In pain or suffering

When exercising, sleeping, standing or sitting for a long time, and trying to enjoy normal activities

Minimally invasive spine surgery shouldn’t be your first consideration or should you fear surgery. When you’re not enjoying life, losing days of work or productivity, our least invasive options are a great way to get back to what you love without long and painful recovery.


Your recent visit to see the spine surgeon lasted only 5 minutes

You waited 1 hour or more, and when the spine surgeon finally arrived he only spent 5 minutes with you. Were you comfortable with their short visit and opinion?

Dr. Rodriguez understands that his patients are in pain and they want their surgeon to have compassion and listen to them. Because his practice offers concierge spine surgery, he routinely spends up to 45 minutes with his new patients. Your every concern deserves his attention and answers that put you at ease.


You failed to get relief

With pain management injections and radiofrequency (RF) ablations or you got relief, but it only lasted 6 months?

Our least invasive procedures are providing lasting relief from failed pain management and sparing patients from minimally invasive spinal surgery (MIS). For many patients, Dr. Rodriguez is using stem cell therapy or endoscopic spine surgery (Less Invasive than MIS) to alleviate painful neck, back, and leg pain.


You’ve been offered a spine fusion

By your local spine surgeon, and can’t afford to be out of work for 4 to 6 weeks or longer

Spinal fusions are appropriate for some patients. However, least invasive options such as stem cell therapy, and endoscopic spine surgery should always be considered to relieve pain before ever agreeing to a spinal fusion. In fact, the recovery and return to administrative work are about 2 – 3 weeks.  To learn more about the advantages of endoscopic spine surgery versus minimally invasive spine fusion – CLICK HERE


You had minimally invasive surgery

And you’re still in pain

Pain is a debilitating thing to endure daily. At the International Spine Institute, our board-certified spine surgeon uses least invasive stem cell therapy and endoscopic spine surgery, before ever considering minimally invasive spine surgery. These procedures dramatically reduce the post-operative pain, need for narcotic pain medication and recovery times associated with minimally invasive spine and open surgery.

Are you considering pain management or spine surgery and not sure which technique or option is best for you?  We would like to help by offering you a second opinion or a free review of your current MRI.

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