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For Canadians seeking spine treatment, there are immediate treatment options available in the United States.  People suffering from back, leg and neck pain can dramatically have their quality of life disrupted.  Many patients can’t afford to be out of work for long periods of time while they wait for the Canadian healthcare system.  The system has significant challenges in treating orthopedic conditions effectively and on a timely basis.  The latest data from the Fraser Institute suggests that Canadians suffering from orthopedic conditions, like a herniated disc, may wait more than 41 weeks to see an orthopedic spine surgeon, get an MRI and be surgically treated. This could seem like a lifetime and drastically disrupt your work, daily activities, and quality of life.  

At the International Spine Institute, your wait time to be treated is just a few weeks!

Once we receive a phone call or a submitted request form for a consultation or second opinion, we expedite your review for a surgical candidate to Dr. Rodriguez.  He routinely evaluates MRI imaging and reports to qualify if a patient is a good candidate for a least invasive procedure. Our patient-focused staff will take care of your every need and answer your every concern about traveling to International Spine Institute.


We offer the following convenient services for Canadians seeking spine treatment and considering medical tourism for spine-related conditions:

  • Review Of Recent MRI* free of charge to determine if you are a possible candidate for least invasive surgery.  We only request travel for appropriate surgical candidates after discussing your MRI with our surgeon. Our team will contact you to discuss his findings, and a schedule an in-office physical examination to determine a diagnosis and move forward with a treatment plan.
  • Second 0pinion review – all records, imaging, and physical examination will be performed by Dr. Rodriguez in our Louisiana office.
  • Up to 45-minute consultation with Dr. Rodriguez includes a thorough examination and consultation with your every question and concern addressed.  Dr. Rodriguez spends the necessary time needed so that you may be confident in his treatment plan.
  • Global and transparent pricing Surgeon, anesthesia and facility fees are included and arranged before travel.  Financing options are available through our partner agency.
  • All appointments and travel arrangements are coordinated by our office staff, for your convenience, including, flights, hotel accommodations, pre and post office, and surgery appointments and establish follow-up care once the patient arrives home.
  • Post-operative virtual video-conference with Dr. Rodriguez in the privacy of your home. Dr. Rodriguez will follow-up with you online to see how your recovery is going.
  • Direct phone access to Dr. Rodriguez and his physician assistant during pre-operative and post-operative care.  In addition, our patient advocate will give you a phone number to reach us, which is dedicated to pre- and post-operative surgical questions or concerns.

* The MRI Review is an informational review of the MRI images and report that you provide to us and is not a form of diagnosis.  A diagnosis and final treatment plan for which you may benefit from at International Spine Institute can only be made after Dr. Rodriguez performs a physical examination at one of our offices in Louisiana.  The Free MRI Review has no value and will not be billed.


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