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Stem Cell Therapy

Currently, the stem cell treatment provided by Dr. Marco Rodriguez, is an individualized treatment and is considered investigational.  Not all patients will be a candidate for stem cell therapy, and outcomes will vary. The stem cell therapy that Dr. Rodriguez will be using is autologous stem cells, platelets, and growth factors.  The stem cells that will be used in surgical and outpatient procedures will not be used to manufacture an investigational drug. Currently, this type of stem cell therapy has not been approved by the FDA and deemed investigational.   Dr. Rodriguez will be conducting an independent prospective analysis of the data that he collects and will not be under the direction of an institutional review board. The stem cell therapy that will be used is voluntary and patient funded.    All patients are encouraged and should research the use of autologous stem cells and make an informed decision. Stem cell therapy is not a cure for any medical conditions, disease, or injury.


Free MRI Review

At the International Spine Institute, we offer a free MRI review for informational purposes only. All information that will be obtained will be shared with staff members of the International Spine Institute.  The information obtained from this review will not be in the form of a diagnosis or final determination of your condition. A thorough physical examination, by our physician, is the only way to determine a medical diagnosis and treatment plan.