What Is Concierge Spine Surgery? The ISI Concierge Spine Care Experience Why Choose International Spine Institute The Concierge Spine Care Process

Patients that visit ISI deserve first-class medical attention and our Concierge Spine Care experience delivers that.  Our expert and compassionate staff carefully plan your experience from beginning to end of your treatment. We believe your time away from work and home is valuable, and we will do everything we can to make the experience convenient and worthwhile.   Your every question, concern, or need, will be addressed to your satisfaction – that’s the Concierge Spine Care Experience.


Here are a few highlights of our program:

  • A personal and sincere, up to a 45-minute appointment – with Dr. Marco Rodriguez to review all records, your pain story, examination, and a customized treatment plan for recovery.
  • The arrangement of All Appointments – Our highly trained staff will arrange all appointments for you from the first consultation to pre-operative visit, surgery and post-operative visits, including MRIs, medical clearance and pain management diagnostic injections if needed.
  • Personal Access to Our Surgeon – Dr. Rodriguez will personally call you or your caretaker after your surgery and will be at each of your follow-up visits. During your stay, you will have access directly to Dr. Rodriguez’s physician assistants with a promised quick response even on nights and weekend. He wants you to be informed and comfortable with his care, so don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Travel Assistance – we will assist you with all travel needs including air, hotel, and recommendations for entertainment, while you’re in town. Your experience and your loved one’s visit is our priority. We want your visit worry-free, and we will do our best to handle your requests and every need.
  • Transparent Financial Policy – our expert team will verify all insurance coverage and file your insurance claims for out-of-network patients. It is our goal to pass on any savings to you through global billing with our partner surgical hospital, to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.