Least Invasive Spine Procedures

At the International Spine Institute, our goal is to be the most innovative orthopedic spine practice offering least invasive spine surgery and serving the greater Baton Rouge, and New Orleans areas.  Our least invasive spine surgery options tailor treatment to our patients that have the fastest recovery time, return to work, play, and a pain-free lifestyle.  Least invasive spine surgery is an emerging philosophy that bridges the gap between pain management and spinal surgery.  Often, patients who fail to achieve adequate back pain relief from pain management are referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon for spinal surgery. Our least invasive philosophy uses endoscopic spine surgery procedures, such as endoscopic rhizotomy, as an excellent alternative to failed pain management and spinal fusion.

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Least Invasive Spine Surgery versus Minimally Invasive Surgery

Least Invasive Spine Surgery

An evolving philosophy of treating painful spine patients with less invasive spine surgery before ever considering traditional and minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS). Our endoscopic spine surgeries, such as endoscopic rhizotomy, are less invasive than MIS.  Improved technologies and techniques are tailored for pinpointing pain generators in the spine. As a result, least invasive spinal procedures such as regenerative medicine (Stem Cell Therapy) or endoscopic spine surgery, relieves pain, and reduces collateral damage of surrounding tissue resulting from MIS spine surgery.

Least invasive spine surgery is an excellent alternative to spinal fusion and should be exhausted before ever considering MIS surgery. Although we do offer patients minimally invasive spine surgery when appropriate, most of our patients do very well without more invasive spine surgery or spinal fusion.  In fact, for select patients, our endoscopic spine procedures are as effective as traditional spinal surgery in reducing painful conditions without spinal fusion. These least invasive procedures cause less pain and less trauma to the muscles supporting your back. Also, our least invasive procedures have faster recovery times and allow you to return to work and life quicker with back pain relief.



The Least Invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery Advantages

  • Reduces Need or Dependency for Narcotic Pain Medication
  • Alleviates the Need for Spinal Fusion
  • Reduced Blood Loss
  • Reduces Muscle and Tissue Disruption
  • Returns People to Work and Play Sooner Than Traditional Spine Surgery
  • ½ Inch Incision Reduces Infections, Scarring, Complications and Post-Operative Pain.
  • Outpatient Surgery Allows for Patients to Go Home Within a Few Hours of Surgery


At the International Spine Institute, We Offer The Following Least Invasive Spine Procedures:

Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative stem cell therapy offers patients suffering from low back pain a less invasive healing option. Stem cell therapy performed by our surgeon is an innovative way to use your body’s own stem cells to treat degenerative disc and low back pain. Therefore, when conservative efforts have failed and the patient are still in pain, this least invasive spinal procedure is an excellent alternative to invasive surgery.

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Endoscopic Discectomy

Endoscopic discectomy is the least invasive surgery to treat a herniated disc. This procedure effectively treats herniated, protruded, extruded, bulging discs and disc tears that cause back or leg pain. Through a less than ½ inch incision, the smallest we know in spine surgery, an endoscope with HD camera is inserted to visualize and decompress the herniated disc, annular tear, and spinal nerves.

If you have looking for a second opinion, least invasive spine procedures might be the right answer for you. For a spine doctor in Baton Rouge, contact us at International Spine Institute for your obligation-free consultation today!

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Endoscopic Lumbar Facet Rhizotomy

Patients suffering from low back pain when standing for long periods of time or bending backwards may be good candidates for this least invasive procedure. The endoscopic rhizotomy can be more effective at providing back pain relief for 90% of patients, up to 5 years. If you had temporary relief with a percutaneous medial branch rhizotomy, you may be a candidate for an endoscopic rhizotomy.

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Cervical Endoscopic Facet Rhizotomy

This least invasive surgery allows direct visualization of the painful nerves in the facet joints of your neck. This minor surgery may even spare or delay significant spinal fusion surgery.

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Endoscopic Foraminoplasty

A precise least invasive technique used by surgeons to specifically target foraminal stenosis without the need for spinal fusion. The endoscopic technique utilizes micro instruments, to selectively enlarge the bony foramen, consequently relieving the compressed spinal nerve.

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Endoscopic Interlaminar Discectomy

A least invasive surgical approach utilizes an ½ inch incision which minimizes the trauma to the surrounding spinal elements. In addition, the procedure reduces the recovery time and post-operative pain.  Furthermore, the endoscope provides the surgeon with a superior view of the spinal cord, herniated disc and surrounding areas.

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