Least Invasive Spine Procedures

At the International Spine Institute, our goal is to be the most innovative orthopedic spine practice in Baton Rouge, offering the least invasive procedure options that tailor treatment to our patients and have the fastest recovery time, return to work, play, and a pain-free lifestyle.  Least invasive spine procedures are an emerging philosophy that bridges the gap between pain management and spinal surgery. Often, patients who fail to achieve adequate back pain relief from pain management are referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon for spinal surgery. Our least invasive procedures are an excellent alternative to failed pain management and spinal fusion.

Least Invasive Procedures versus Minimally Invasive Surgery

Least Invasive Procedures

Are an evolving philosophy of treating painful spine patients with less invasive procedures before ever considering traditional and minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS). Our spine procedures, such as endoscopic rhizotomy, are less invasive than MIS.  Improved technologies and techniques are tailored for pinpointing pain generators in the spine. Approaching the spine with endoscopic procedures can relieve the pain and reduce collateral damage and tissue disruption that MIS and traditional spine surgery can cause.

Our least invasive spinal procedures are an excellent alternative to spinal fusion. Although, we do offer patients minimally invasive spine surgery when appropriate, most of our patients do very well without more invasive spine surgery or spinal fusion. In fact, for select patients, our least invasive procedures are as effective as traditional spinal surgery in reducing painful conditions without spinal fusion. These procedures cause less pain and less trauma to the muscles supporting your back. Also, our least invasive procedures have faster recovery times and allow you return to work and life quicker with back pain relief.

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Endoscopic Discectomy

Endoscopic discectomy is a disc surgery that is the least invasive procedure used to treat herniated, protruded, extruded, bulging discs and disc tears that compress or irritate the spinal nerves causing back or leg pain. Through a less than ½ inch incision, the smallest we know in spine surgery, an endoscope with HD camera is inserted to visualize and decompress the herniated disc, annular tear, and spinal nerves.

If you have looked at the alternative options and believe that least invasive spine procedures might be the right route for you, seek out a second opinion from our spine surgeon. For a spine doctor in Baton Rouge, contact us at International Spine Institute for your obligation-free consultation today!

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