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At the International Spine Institute, our patient’s time is valuable, and we are committed to delivering compassionate, understanding, and convenient concierge spine surgery. Have you ever been to a specialist’s office only to wait two or three hours to see a doctor?  Maybe you have experienced inadequate time with the doctor?  Did you leave feeling rushed or with many of your questions unanswered?



At the International Spine Institute, Our staff caters to your every need, much like a concierge’ at a 5-star hotel. Our team and surgeon have helped hundreds of patients that suffer find solutions that relieve their pain, restore their active lifestyle, and return them to work sooner than minimally invasive spine surgery.  From the first phone call to consultation with Dr. Rodriguez to your final post-operative appointment, our patient’s time is valuable, and we are committed to delivering compassionate and timely spine care.

Dr. Rodriguez understands that patients are in pain and want to be seen as soon as possible. Unlike traditional spine practices, who are incentivized by seeing upwards of 80 patients a day, Dr. Rodriguez typically sees less than 20 patients a day allowing for more quality time spent with patients.  Our concierge spine surgery program allows for up to 45-minute consultation with Dr. Rodriguez to ensure that he understands your painful journey and answer your questions to your satisfaction.  His compassion, training and bedside manner are greatly appreciated by his patients.

Rest assured that Dr. Rodriguez is conservative in his clinical judgment and reserves surgery only for patients who truly will benefit from intervention. The surgical experience doesn’t have to be filled with fear, worry, and anxiety.  We pride ourselves in educating our patients and companions through our website and personally answering their questions and concerns, to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Dr. Rodriguez has earned a reputation for being a leader in the fields of minimally invasive spinal surgery, as well as the future of modern spine, stem cell therapy, and least invasive endoscopic spine surgery. The results of endoscopic spine surgery have significantly reduced the number of spinal fusions done in Dr. Rodriguez’s practice.  As a result, his patients speak volumes of their relief and satisfaction with Dr. Rodriguez’s care and bedside manner.



If you are in pain and not getting results from your current treatment plan, don’t hesitate to call us now at (225) 313-4700 or submit our online form and our staff will call you as soon as possible.  We are proud of our practice and the service we deliver and hope to hear from you.