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The International Spine Institute offers patients least invasive spine procedures featuring stem cell therapy and endoscopic spine surgery. These procedures return patients to their lives quickly, with minimal pain and recovery.   Marco A. Rodriguez, MD, also specializes in artificial disc replacement, and minimally invasive spine surgery, excellent secondary treatment options for advanced degenerative and unstable spinal conditions.

Dr. Rodriguez bridges the gap between pain management and spinal surgery with a philosophy of least invasive procedures. These procedures, are less invasive, use smaller incisions, and have a faster recovery and return to work than minimally invasive spine surgery.



At the International Spine Institute, we put our patients first! Our motto is “Less Is So Much More.”

  • Leaders In Least Invasive Procedures – Stem Cell Therapy, and Endoscopic Spine Surgery as alternatives to minimally invasive spine surgery and fusion.

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  • Concierge Spine Care – Individualized and compassionate patient care that takes the worry and anxiety out of spine surgery. We arrange all appointments, verify insurance, and financial responsibilities, and even travel when needed.

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  • Dr. Rodriguez Is Board Certified And Spine Fellowship Trained.

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  • Personal Access To Dr. Rodriguez – He wants you to be informed and comfortable with his care, so he will make himself available via cell phone or email immediately before and after your surgery.
  • Outstanding Patient Satisfaction – Our patients love Dr. Rodriguez’s bedside manner and are relieved that they don’t always need a spinal fusion or significant spinal surgery.
  • Assistance With All Appointments And Surgery Scheduling – Our staff will arrange all appointments for you from the initial consultation to your discharge from our care.
  • Travel Planning Assistance – We will assist you with all travel needs, including air and hotel accommodations. Your experience, as well as your loved ones, are our priority. We want your visit worry-free, and we will do our best to handle your requests and needs.


If you’re suffering or not satisfied with your current spine care, call us now at (225) 313-4700.  You can also contact us via our “Pain Evaluation” and “Contact Us” forms.


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